Monday, July 2, 2012

Gideon's Small Army: Craft Idea

Although this story is a little advanced for my Pre-Schoolers, I believe that they can handle it (and so does my lesson curriculum).

This week is the story of how God asked Gideon to lead an army against the Midianites but they wanted a smaller army so only 300 soldiers went up against the Midianites in the end.  The 300 showed up at night, with a trumpet and a jar with a torch after Gideon learns the Midianites are afraid.  Then they took out the torch and blew their trumpets and scared the Midianites.

As a craft, I could not make trumpets two weeks in a row, So I planned on making torches this week, and they can cup their hands around their mouth to make the trumpet noise at the appropriate time. 

The Craft Supplies:
  • Brown paper for the torch part
  • Red, Orange, and Yellow for the flames
  • Scissors
  • Glue/Tape


Cut the brown paper into triangles that look like cones - I got about 5 from each piece of brown paper

use the red, yellow, and orange papers to cut "flames" for the top of the torch.  The flames can be in many different shapes, as long as they have tips on them.  I used 2 sheets of each color and it was plenty enough for 20+ preschoolers.

Instruct the children to glue the flames to the top of their torches.

I did this with my kiddos and they were very quick with it and loved that they got to design their own torch flames.  They took maybe 10 minutes in total and I would put the difficulty level at about 1/5 for preschoolers.  If they are older children, you may want to let them cut out their own material, to take up more time and to allow them to make the torches more unique. 

Please leave any comments, thoughts or concerns bellow! 

Thanks! (:


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